Protect Your Arms With Sleeves Designed To Fit

When the job calls for protecting your arms, rely on Wells Lamont Industrial, an industry leader in hand protection. Wells Lamont Industrial features two Cut Resistant Sleeves that offer a regular fit and a large bicep fit. Find the best fit for your best arm...

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Advantages of Plasma Metal Mesh links

Metal Mesh links and resistance welds are one of the most critical components in a Metal Mesh glove. Plasma weld or resistance welds are used to secure rings for metal mesh gloves. Plasma welds have proven to last 2x longer than a standard resistant weld before a...

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Antimicrobial Cut Resistant Gloves

Transmitting harmful bacteria and fungi from one location to another can be greatly reduced with the use of antimicrobial gloves. Antimicrobial gloves are particularly beneficial in the food processing and food service industries. Combining a high quality cut...

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