About Wells Lamont Industrial

Dedicated to protecting the hands at work

Wells Lamont Industrial began manufacturing gloves in 1907 and continues to be a leader in the global glove industry today. We are driven to provide unequaled technology, service, and support to our safety distributors and end-users.

By leveraging our design and technical expertise, Wells Lamont delivers high quality and innovative cut and heat-resistant gloves, palm coated gloves, critical environment gloves, and leather gloves.

We are the only glove manufacturer in the U.S. that upwinds its own yarns and knits them into cut-resistant gloves.

Committed To Our Customers

Following the precedents set by W.O. Wells more than 100 years ago, Wells Lamont today is committed to bringing our customers superior quality, innovative engineering, and responsive service.

We are passionate about maintaining excellent relationships with our customers, and we stand behind our products’ quality and performance by providing:

  • Control of quality
  • Knowledgeable Sales Representatives
  • Design technology and innovation
  • Online product selection
  • Downloadable sales literature
  • Customer assistance with toll-free access (800-247-3295)

Innovation & Solutions Driven By Industry Need & Applications

We are committed to providing the most innovative hand and arm protection to the industries we serve. By working closely with our customers, we develop solutions designed specifically for the work, tasks, and applications our customers need.

We are innovation leaders and hand & arm protection experts in the following industries:

Automotive & Transportation
Critical Environment
Oil & Gas
Metal Fabrication
Machinery and Equipment

Contact us today and get the gloves you need.

Marmon’s Framework for Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Responsibility

Throughout Marmon’s history, we have taken pride in our ability to provide innovative solutions to multiple industry groups that address and provide for the world’s needs. Marmon is committed to applying this innovative approach to our environmental and sustainability initiatives, with our global team utilizing processes and technologies across Marmon’s business units to benefit our organization, the communities in which we work and serve, and the environment. Read more about our commitment in the full statement on Marmon.com.

Social Responsibility

Marmon aims to become an employer of choice in every community Marmon calls home, and we strive to help our people realize their full potential throughout their careers with Marmon while growing our businesses. Our focus is on increasing access to opportunities and enabling our companies to attract, retain, and develop the talent that is vital to our success, as well as benefit our customers and communities in which we operate, serve, and our employees live.

Marmon is committed to valuing and respecting differences in our workforce including, but not limited to, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, veteran status, language, and disability status.


Each Marmon employee is required to adhere to the highest ethical standards, strictly abide by all applicable laws and regulations, and exercise great care not to take or authorize any actions that may create even the appearance of illegal conduct or other impropriety.

To align with our Marmon mission to maintain the highest ethical standards, we abide by policies and practices to ensure fair, ethical, and honest business practices and compliance with all applicable laws. These standards for ethics and conduct apply across our diverse portfolio of businesses and global employee base.

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