About Wells Lamont Industrial

Dedicated to protecting the hands at work

Wells Lamont Industrial began manufacturing gloves in 1907 and continues to be a leader in the global glove industry today. We’re driven to provide unequalled technology, service, and support to our safety distributors and end users.

We’re also dedicated to bringing high quality and innovative gloves to our customers, by leveraging our design and technical assets for cut- and heat-resistant gloves, palm coated gloves, critical environment gloves, and related leather products.

Also, we’re the only glove manufacturer in the U.S. that upwinds its own yarns and knits them into cut-resistant gloves.

We continue to place an emphasis on the “value-added” benefits of purchasing Wells Lamont Industrial Gloves as well, by providing you:

  • Control of quality
  • Design technology
  • Online product selection
  • Downloadable sales literature
  • Customer assistance with toll-free access (800-247-3295)

Committed To Our Customers

Following the precedents set by W.O. Wells 100 years ago, Wells Lamont today is committed to bringing our customers superior quality, innovative engineering, and responsive service.

Most importantly, we’re passionate about maintaining good relationships with our customers. We stand behind our products’ quality and performance, and we also offer educational and sales collateral support, along with an extensive network of trained sales representatives in the U.S. as resources for our customers.

Contact us today and get the gloves you need for your next project.

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