Metal Mesh links and resistance welds are one of the most critical components in a Metal Mesh glove. Plasma weld or resistance welds are used to secure rings for metal mesh gloves. Plasma welds have proven to last 2x longer than a standard resistant weld before a repair is needed.

Whizard® Metal Mesh Gloves by Wells Lamont Industrial has built stronger and more durable metal links requiring less maintenance by using plasma weld technology. With a double-interlocked metal mesh rings using 0.5 mm wire, the plasma weld results in stronger ring connections and eliminates gaps that may trap food debris or harbor bacteria. The plasma weld uses Hydrogen and Argon gases along with a Tungsten electrode to melt both ends of the wire resulting in a stronger heavy-duty bond.

A well-designed Metal Mesh glove provides end-users maximum protection from lacerations leading to possible injuries.

Advantages of Plasma Metal Mesh links 1

Whizard® Plasma Weld

Advantages of Plasma Metal Mesh links 2

Typical Resistance Weld

Whizard® Metal Mesh gloves by Wells Lamont Industrial offers superior hand protection, longer lasting metal links, and low maintenance. Have a look at our Metal Mesh gloves.