Wells Lamont is Leading with Glove Innovations 1

With a particular focus on hand protection in the Transportation, Oil and Gas, Metal Fabrication, and Food Handling, Wells Lamont is leading the way with a focus on providing better hand protection and innovation for specific tasks within specific industries.

“We are looking at each of our gloves, how they are used, and how they perform and determining how we can make our products work harder for our customers. Our focus is to lead through innovation in our strongest categories while providing the durability and comfort our customers have come to expect from Wells Lamont.”

Tom Draskovics, President of Wells Lamont Industrial

Visitors to the Ohio Safety Show Booth #300 can experience the Wells Lamont difference with their new Welder, delivering twice the life of competing products, their Cut Level A6, Sandy Nitrile glove, this is hands down, the most durable touch screen glove on the market, and the SKC, A3 Cut level lightweight sleeve, the most breathable arm protection available.

Wells Lamont is Leading with Glove Innovations 2

2X the Life Goatskin Welder

The Y2022 goatskin welder with Kevlar® liner provides double the protection compared to a standard welding glove. The cut protection and heat protection in this one glove solve a possible hazard that fabricators face every day. The high dexterity welder glove protects the hand against potential exposure to lacerations or burns from sparks or hot parts – up to 350°F.
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Wells Lamont is Leading with Glove Innovations 3

Most Durable Touchscreen Cut Level A6 Sandy Nitrile Glove

Palm coated work gloves provide an additional layer of protection in high wear/high-risk areas of the hand. The Y9214 is constructed of high-performance Polyethylene fibers (HPPE) for a higher level of comfort and protection. Sandy nitrile coated palm provides excellent grip for handling parts in wet and oily environments. The Y9214 is touchscreen capable, allowing the operation of today’s touchscreen devices. Greater cut protection, excellent grip and enhanced comfort, and touchscreen capability make the Y9214 an ideal choice for industrial applications.
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Wells Lamont is Leading with Glove Innovations 4

Most Breathable Cut Resistant Sleeve

When the job calls for protecting your arms, rely on Wells Lamont Industrial, an industry leader in hand and arm protection. Wells Lamont Industrial features two Cut Resistant Sleeves that offer a regular fit and a large bicep fit. Find the best fit and comfort for your best arm protection. Our SKC Cut Resistant Sleeve provides A3 cut protection. A unique composite of high-performance materials and flame-resistant fibers, allow the sleeves to be used where incidental protection against flame and sparks are required. Lightweight and comfortable, this sleeve is available in multiple lengths, with or without a thumb hole. Try the standard width version for arms circumference less than 10”, for larger upper arms consider the wider top design style for a better fit for larger biceps.
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