When the job calls for protecting your arms, rely on Wells Lamont Industrial, an industry leader in hand protection. Wells Lamont Industrial features two Cut Resistant Sleeves that offer a regular fit and a large bicep fit. Find the best fit for your best arm protection.

Our SKC Cut Resistant Sleeve provides A3 cut protection. A unique composite of high-performance materials and flame-resistant fibers, allow the sleeves to be used where incidental protection against flame and sparks are required. Lightweight and comfortable, this sleeve is available in multiple lengths, with or without a thumb hole. Try the standard width version for arms circumference less than 10”, for larger upper arms consider the wider top design style for a better fit for larger biceps.

Protect Your Arms With Sleeves Designed To Fit 1

Our Whizard® Z40 Blue Armguard is constructed from a combination of high-performance materials providing a high level of ANSI level 6 cut protection. The unique knit structure allows greater circulation of air, keeping arms cool and comfortable while working. The Z40 Armguard is available in a tube version for circumference less than 10”, and a large bicep version with a wide upper arm opening for circumference greater than 12” around the upper arm. Both versions come with a safety clip to secure the sleeve when it is in use.

Protect Your Arms With Sleeves Designed To Fit 2

With both sleeves offering different options for any size upper arm, the perfect fit and comfort can easily be achieved.