Metal mesh gloves with fabric straps around the wrist are common in the industry. The fabric straps are a challenge to clean because the fabric cuff can harbor bacteria despite continuous cleaning with a tumbler washer or by hand. Another advantage of self tension cuffs is easy of donning and doffing. Self tension cuffs reduce the amount of time an employee puts on gloves before the day starts. Time is money when workers are trying to start their day.

Wells Lamont Industrial’s Metal Mesh Glove line uses a Steel Tension Spring-System (STS) which is a self-adjusting wrist fastening system. The STS system eliminates the need for a strap or buckle while providing flexibility, durability, and comfort.

Metal Mesh glove cuffs – the advantage of self tension style 1

Self-Tension Steel Cuff

Metal Mesh glove cuffs – the advantage of self tension style 2

Fabric Strap Cuff

Wells Lamont Industrial offers Steel Mesh Gloves that provides extensive protection against laceration injuries without compromising dexterity or restricting the range of movement. Our selection of Metal Mesh gloves will help you find the glove that will meet all your needs. Take a look below!

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