Avoid mishaps at work, protect your arms from lacerations by wearing sleeves 1

One of the most unforeseen areas where injuries are common is the forearms and elbows. Many workers think more about protecting hands than arms with sleeves. In fact, forearms account for 20% of cuts and lacerations on the arm. So many industries are exposed to glass, heat, and metals for handling and the forearm is critical to protect.

To reduce the possibility of a laceration on the arm, consider focusing on a few options ……..

  • What level or cut protection is needed? Wells Lamont offers a selection of ANSI cut levels A2-A8
  • How much of the arm needs protection? 18” and 24” are most popular and provide protection above the elbow, Sleeves less than 14” typically fall below the elbow.
  • Are you exposed to sparks and flames? Consider sleeves with flame resistant materials

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