Grips® Grain Cowhide (Y0153)

This Grips® Grain Cowhide glove is made from premium cowhide and provides comfort and protection while on the job. A double shirred elastic wrist prevents particles from entering the glove. The Y0153 is an ideal glove in industries such as warehousing, construction, farming and forklift driving.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


  • Premium quality grain cowhide
  • Gunn cut
  • Keystone thumb
  • Self hemmed
  • Double shirred elastic wrist
  • Sold by the dozen pair
SizePart NumberSize Overedge Color
SmallY0153SGrips<sup>®</sup> Grain Cowhide (Y0153) 2
MediumY0153MGrips<sup>®</sup> Grain Cowhide (Y0153) 3
LargeY0153LGrips<sup>®</sup> Grain Cowhide (Y0153) 3
XLargeY0153XLGrips<sup>®</sup> Grain Cowhide (Y0153) 3

Grips<sup>®</sup> Grain Cowhide (Y0153) 6

  • Dry clean only
  • Construction
  • Fork Lift
  • Warehosing