Green Heavy Weight Hot Mill (Y6302)

The burlap green heavy weight hot mill glove provides heat protection up to 400°F degrees. The high heat work glove includes a heavy weight nap with a burlap lining to protect burns. The long gauntlet cuff allows more protection on the arm heat and burns. Y6302 is an ideal glove in industries such as steel processing and metal handling.

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  • Protects up to 400°F
  • 30 oz. green cotton, nap-out
  • Heavy duty burlap lining
  • Straight thumb, gauntlet cuff
  • Sold by the dozen pair


Size Part Number Size Color Tag
Large Y6302L Green Heavy Weight Hot Mill (Y6302) 2

Green Heavy Weight Hot Mill (Y6302) 3

  • Steel Processing
  • Metal Handling