Highly Reusable Half Finger Nylon Liner (M006.WLC)

This highly reusable nylon glove is a great option if you are looking for a glove to withstand up to 30 washings without shrinkage. Made with 100% nylon, this liner offers better mobility and comfort. The M005.WLC is an ideal glove in industries such as critical environment, clean room, electronics, and laboratories. A full version style is also available, M005.

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  • 100% continuous nylon filament makes this liner thin and comfortable
  • Fully launderable up to 30 times without shrinkage, reducing the cost of replacement and waste disposal
  • Half finger length
  • Ambidextrous
  • Sold by the dozen pair
  • 6½” length
  • Protects up to 325°F
  • Loop-out
  • Full thumb, open top
  • Fits easily over a glove for added protection
SizePart NumberSize Color Tag
Women’sM006W.WLCHighly Reusable Half Finger Nylon Liner (M006.WLC) 2
Men’sM006M.WLCHighly Reusable Half Finger Nylon Liner (M006.WLC) 3

Highly Reusable Half Finger Nylon Liner (M006.WLC) 4

  • Machine wash in warm water with detergent or soap for 10-15 minutes
  • Water temperature should not exceed 140ºF
  • Critical Environment
  • Medical
  • Clean Room
  • Electronics