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WARNING: Cut resistant gloves are extremely cut-resistant but not cut-proof. Do not subject to high-speed or highly serrated blades.  Always disconnect power before cleaning or removing slicer  blades.

Metal Mesh

Ergonomically designed hand protection

Our double interlocked metal mesh is formed using state-of-the-art micro plasma welding techniques which result in a stronger, smoother, hermetically sealed ring connections that have no gaps or weak spots. No gaps mean a longer wear life and a lowered risk of contamination.

• These stainless steel, ergonomically designed gloves provide superior cut and puncture protection

• The patented self-adjusting tensioning system on wrist allows for an easy fit with no straps or buckles to fasten

• All Whizard® mesh gloves come with a metal serial number tag, which helps with reissuance and sizing information patented cut resistant fiber combinations

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